Cobb County Police Department

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“For the first time in my twenty-five-year career, officers with our department have regularly cancelled their membership to make our facility their “go to” exercise location.  It has increased morale in the department by showing our administration cares for their employees health by building such a professional facility.  The gym has further been a focal…

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CCMG Facility Coming Soon

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In 2020, the Chris Conti Memorial Grant (CCMG) was created as a way to honor the memory and legacy of our co-founder.  This year’s CCMG was awarded to the Floyd County Police Department and will provide a free fitness center inclusive of consultation, space planning, athletic flooring, and all new strength, cardio, and fitness accessories.…

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Kettlebells and Functionality

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Kettlebells are one of the simplest fitness accessories we offer, essentially just a handle connected to a ball of iron. Simple, yet versatile, they allow for a wide range of workouts. Kettlebells date back to the 18th century, and there is a good reason that they are still buzzing in the fitness community today. Kettlebells…

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The Pros of the Power Plate

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Fitness technology has taken off as engineers innovate the perfect equipment that targets all your body’s needs. Either by stepping on the Power Plate or completing an entire workout on it, your body can see many benefits. The plate’s effects can range from burning more calories to increasing circulation to muscle recovery and pain relief…

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