The Pros of the Power Plate

Fitness technology has taken off as engineers innovate the perfect equipment that targets all your body’s needs. Either by stepping on the Power Plate or completing an entire workout on it, your body can see many benefits. The plate’s effects can range from burning more calories to increasing circulation to muscle recovery and pain relief (Power Plate).

The way that the Power Plate accomplishes these benefits is by activating more muscle fibers. While using the Power Plate, your body is forced to fight against gravity and the vibrations coming from the surface of the plate. This puts your whole body to work and can activate up to 138% more muscle fibers than a standard workout (The American Chiropractor). By activating more of these muscle fibers, your body can burn more calories. Completing the exact same workout on a power plate can burn up to 50% more calories (European Association for the Study of Obesity).

The Power Plate can also improve your circulation. The vibrations you will feel are flowing through your body, which enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells (Power Plate). This can even improve your skin blood flow, which can help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Many active athletes are even using the Power Plate to relieve muscle pain for a faster recovery and sometimes instant relief. The vibrations will increase blood flow, then in turn. help to improve muscle recovery times.


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