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Providing Excellence from Conception to Completion for All Your Fitness Needs for Over 20 Years

Transforming your vision into reality! No matter the size or scope, we provide you with complete and comprehensive resources to create the fitness space of your dreams.

& Design

Through collaboration, we share our extensive knowledge and expertise to create the most effective and innovative design for your fitness space.

& Repair

We are dedicated to building longevity in our partnerships and remain committed to your success after installation.

Custom Solutions

By utilizing the strength of our resources and customization capabilities, your brand becomes a prominent focal point.


Our in-house delivery and installation team ensures the success of your project
through comprehensive planning and precise execution.

The Chris Conti Memorial Grant

The Chris Conti Memorial Grant was established in 2020 in memory of our co-founder, Chris Conti. Chris was known for his generosity and service work to others and his community. His legacy of giving will be carried on through the CCMG.

Case Studies

Kennesaw State University

Created a safer and more open free weight area with custom designed equipment.

YMCA Racquetball

We created a well-rounded functional fitness studio that provided the latest in HIIT Cardio training, Freeweight training, Cross-training, and athletic performance training.

Virtual Studio

Through collaboration with the client, we developed a plan to utilize the small, former offices as two individual virtual studios. We outfitted the space with the latest in virtual fitness technology to provide one-on-one coaching and classes for the residents.

News & Testimonials

Why You Should Celebrate Your Little Exercise Victories

By IFS | September 2, 2021

Achieving a fitness milestone, whether finishing a marathon or attending your first fitness class, is always exciting. However, there are plenty of other moments in your fitness journey that also deserve to be celebrated. Maybe it’s overhead-pressing 15-pound dumbbells, or perhaps it’s just showing up to the gym- that itself is a victory! Celebrating your…

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Testimonial from Elite Fit 4 Life Owner

May 17, 2021

“One stop shop, couldn’t ask for anything better!” – Melvin Owner of Elite Fit 4 Life

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The Stabilizer Muscles Used in Exercise

By IFS | September 2, 2021

How to Improve Stabilizer Muscles   Good form is important when doing any exercise. Stabilizer muscles are essential to performing any exercise with good form. For example, a simple bicep curl requires core and shoulder muscles to stay stabilized as you curl the weight towards your shoulder. We have complied a few techniques to help…

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