Food as fuel before and after workouts

Consuming the right foods before and after exercise can boost your results. Your body turns carbohydrates into fuel, which gives you the extra energy to power through that fitness class! After your workout, it is just as important to refuel following your workout. A combination of protein and carbohydrates can help you rebuild muscle. We…

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Why Core Strength is Important

Your core muscles are some of the most important in your body.  They help you with everyday activities such as getting out of bed, bending over to grab something, and most importantly they help you stay upright. A strong core prevents pain and injuries: a strong core allows your muscles to keep your spine safe…

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Mark Wahlberg joins Power Plate

Mark Wahlberg joins the to the Power Plate family! The fitness icon and A-list actor is adding Power Plate Investor and Brand Ambassador to his resume, partnering with Power Plate to spread awareness of vibration training as part of a wellness-focused lifestyle. As a steadfast user of Power Plate for over 15 years, he’s certainly…

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“Someone we can count on!”

Barrett & Team, I can’t thank you enough for your help with the equipment at the health place parks. I appreciate you all jumping in and getting it done IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! Thank you for being someone we can count on! Danielle Y & Health Place Team, Wellstar

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5 star review

They are a great company who offer great & quick service. Tammy in the office is always so helpful and friendly. Lauren Beach, Hawthorne at Kennesaw

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“Innovative Fitness is the only place you need to look.”

Home Gym

I made a big investment and turned my basement into a gym. Innovative Fitness is the only place you need to look. Huge selection, tremendous people with high integrity and they are world class when it comes to professionalism! Matt came to my home measured, then sent me a professional drawing. He was very knowledgeable…

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“I had the best experience with this company”

home gym review

I have had the best experience with this company, from Christine who answered all questions and processed my quote to the awesome staff who loaded the plates into my car. There was a long wait time to get my bumpers, but they were very upfront with that with the pandemic and all. Totally not their…

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The Most Underrated Piece of Fitness Equipment

The Rowing Machine is often overlooked; however, it is a total body workout. It provides aerobic exercise, upper body, and lower body workouts all in one! Rowing is a coordinated muscle action that encompasses every large muscle group in the body. This low-impact cardio increases endurance and is good for all levels of fitness. Frequent…

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Get Your Fitness Equipment Fit for Re-Opening

Preparing to re-open? Here are some tips. And of course, we are here if you need us for parts, service & repairs, & or wipes and wipe dispensers.  Just call us 770.218.9390 1. Check your exercise bikes, ellipticals, and steppers. Batteries used in many of these machines are designed for daily use. When they sit unused,…

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Residential Sales & Delivery Feedback!

Matt McAllister Sales Manager

“My experience with Matt was amazing. Due to the quarantine, we did everything by phone and email and all equipment was sight unseen. Some of the equipment was preowned and everything was represented perfectly. Your delivery team was really helpful and extremely professional. Thank you again your entire team is the best.” Don Lloyd, Residential…

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