Why You Should Celebrate Your Little Exercise Victories

Achieving a fitness milestone, whether finishing a marathon or attending your first fitness class, is always exciting. However, there are plenty of other moments in your fitness journey that also deserve to be celebrated. Maybe it’s overhead-pressing 15-pound dumbbells, or perhaps it’s just showing up to the gym- that itself is a victory! Celebrating your mini-milestones only serves to help you; see how below:

  1. Increases motivation: When you notice and celebrate the little victories it motivates you to continue progressing.
  2. It makes you happy: Pausing to celebrate a small victory, like persevering through a longer workout class, reminds you that you are making progress- and that feels good!
  3. Builds confidence: When you take a moment to reflect on your progress, it builds self-esteem and your confidence that you are on the right track.