The Stabilizer Muscles Used in Exercise

How to Improve Stabilizer Muscles


Good form is important when doing any exercise. Stabilizer muscles are essential to performing any exercise with good form. For example, a simple bicep curl requires core and shoulder muscles to stay stabilized as you curl the weight towards your shoulder. We have complied a few techniques to help strengthen your stabilizer muscles.

  1. Standing, instead of sitting, during upper body exercises will engage your entire body, especially the core.
  2. Do exercises slowly and focus on activating each muscle individually while stabilizing with the rest of your body.
  3. Unilateral exercises involve either a single arm or leg that is doing the brunt of the work. Training muscle groups independently increases the intensity load on your stabilizing muscles.
  4. Use a balance trainer such as bosu or stability ball that adds extra instability to any movement, forcing stabilizer muscles to work harder.