Staying Active in the Office: Benefits of a Standing Desk

Taking afternoon walks on your work break is a great way to stay active, but what about when the cooler weather hits or it is raining outside? Strolls down the road turn into an ordeal when you have to bundle up or walk in the rain. A great alternative would be to invest in a standing desk.  which allows a person to work comfortably by standing instead of sitting down.

There are many benefits to investing in a standing desk. Sitting during an eight-hour workday can take a toll on your body. With a standing desk, you can lower your chance of obesity and heart disease and even lower your blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that when comparing an equal amount of time standing will burn up to 170 more calories than sitting (Healthline). It is especially beneficial to stand right after meals. In a study reported in Healthline, “10 office workers, standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the blood sugar spike by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.” Standing desks can also reduce back pain that you might be experiencing from sitting all day at a computer.

There are also mental health benefits that come with standing desks. Studies show standing desks help improve mood and boost energy levels (Healthline). Individuals using a standing desk report less stress and fatigue, and their decreased moods increased after returning to a sitting desk. It has also been reported that standing desks aid employees with ADHD focus better when they are able to move throughout the day.  Productivity seems to increase when employees use standing desks rather than sitting which could stem from the benefits standing desks have on mood, motivation, and focus.

Recognizing the physical, metabolic, and mental benefits that standing desks have on employees, Innovated Fitness supplies each of its employees with the opportunity for an adjustable standing desk. More than 70% of the staff at Innovative Fitness are currently benefitting from a standing desk! Consider investing in a standing desk so you too can share in the benefits!

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