Innovative Fitness celebrated the unveiling of the 3rd Annual Chris Conti Memorial Grant (CCMG) on November 3, 2022, at the Floyd County Police Department located in Rome, GA.

Innovative Fitness established the CCMG in 2020 as a way to honor the memory of co-founder,
Chris Conti, who passed away tragically in March of 2019. The creation of the CCMG coincides
with the company’s motto, “See a need, fill a need”, and carries on Chris’ notable generosity and
service to his community. Floyd County Police Chief, Mark Wallace, stated that “Innovative
Fitness’ motto perfectly aligns with the police mentality because we see people in need of
assistance and fill that need.”
This year’s CCMG was awarded to the Floyd County Police Department which employs over 80
sworn officers and six specialty units. Floyd County covers over 500 miles and is home to
98,000 people. The officers serving Floyd County previously had access to an onsite gym, but it
was filled with dilapidated equipment dating from the 1980s. “Everything was bad, the paint, the
carpet, the equipment. Nothing was salvageable” said Matt McAllister, COO of Innovative
“Thanks to Innovative Fitness and the generosity of the Chris Conti Memorial Grant, we have
realized a dream. It’s a great day for the Floyd County Police Department,” said Chief Wallace.
The newly designed fitness space features the latest cardio, strength, and functional training
equipment, as well as new athletic flooring and other accessories that include a new TV and a
custom metal sign which mirrors the officer’s badge. “This is not only going to help our
department, but also help the community. The better we can prepare ourselves for what’s out
there, the better our community benefits” said Sergeant William Wacker.
This year’s CCMG would not have been possible without the support of Innovative Fitness’
vendors; including True Fitness, TKO, The Abs Company, BC Fabrications, Henderson
Installations, and Get RX’D.
Innovative Fitness is a national supplier of fitness equipment and athletic flooring and provides a
full range of services to their clients in both commercial and residential settings. The company
strives to identify each client’s specific needs and goals in order to provide custom solutions that
result in a one-of-a-kind fitness space. They are led by their core mission: uniting fitness and
philanthropy to create and insp