Virtual Catalog

Bodycraft Jones Platinum

The workout possibilities are endless!

  • Body Weight Training
  • Two different chin bars provide every possible grip for pull-ups. Fix the Olympic Bar into various positions for angled push-ups, pull-ups, leg exercises, and more.

    • Stretch Training
    • The Bar and Handles can be fixed into dozens of positions to facilitate stretching.

      • Functional Training
      • With optional FBT

        • Progressive Functional Training
        • With optional FBT and Jones Platinum working in tandem

          • Barbell Training
          • All Barbell exercises can be performed with the safety of the bar hooks and safety spotters traveling along with you!

            • Sports Specific Training
            • So you can excel at your favorite activity!

              • Smith Machine Training
              • The horizontal travel can be locked into place, converting the Jones to a Smith!

              It is the safest Free-Weight device ever made for the solo lifter! Think of it as a Power Rack where the Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters move along with every movement you make!