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Aviron Tough Indoor Rower

Aviron helps you get into the best shape of your life, and stay that way. With hundreds of content options and constant updates to keep you motivated.

Made with a reinforced steel and aluminum frame, our Tough Series can handle a max capacity of 507 lbs. Lowered frame and elevated seat height make getting on and off the rower a breeze.
Compete against yourself or others with games, virtual rows from around the world and guided strength programs. You’ll never use boredom as an excuse to skip a workout again.
Build strength while burning calories with the ability to pull over 100 lbs of resistance with each stroke. Let Aviron’s AI automatically adjust your resistance or use the touchscreen to adjust on the fly.
Enjoy a quieter workout experience with Aviron’s industrial whisper belt, operating at only ~60 decibels or conversation volume.
Premium steel frame rower
HD 22″ touch screen
2 Year Warranty
Unlimited Profiles with One Membership
Dimensions: 98” x 21” x 44” Inches.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Weight & Height Capacity: 507 lbs. & approx. 6’ 8”
MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED FOR CONTENT A membership gives you unlimited access to Aviron’s network of players, challenges and content, including the latest updates. Your metrics, challenges, and achievements are saved on our cloud so you can keep track of your success and share it over social media.


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