YMCA Racquetball


Need for functional fitness and freeweight area

Our client wanted to provide a robust, functional fitness area, but an under-utilized racquetball court was the only space available to expand their programming. The flooring was a hardwood sleeper system that would require protection in case they wanted restore it to the original court usage. The court also had no power outlets. An 800sf racquetball court is a small space to operate a functional fitness/cross training program.

Temporarily converted Racquetball court to functional fitness area.


We provided a dry-lay turf and rubber flooring solution that would not damage the existing wood court with glue and would provide ample protection from dropped weights on the court. We designed and installed a custom functional storage bridge to allow for boxing and suspension training without drilling anchors into walls or court flooring while keeping the floor space open for functional activities. We provided a custom built half rack, stationary tire flip, a weighted battle rope, and rolling sled to maximize the space. Lastly, we selected self-generating HIIT cardio solutions that operated without power.


A functional fitness studio

We created a well-rounded functional fitness studio that provided the latest in HIIT Cardio training, Freeweight training, Cross-training, and athletic performance training. All solutions provided met the goal of successfully converting the area without demolishing or damaging the existing Racquetball court while creating a functional fitness space that could support small group training.