Virtual Studio


Small room with limited space in the time of COVID

The client was renovating an existing leasing office with plans to convert the space to a fitness center. Two small offices were included in the new fitness area, but they were unable to open the offices to the rest of the space due to a structural wall and construction budgets for the project. The two rooms, at their current sizes, were too small for group exercise or traditional fitness elements.

Created individual-use virtual fitness studios.


Through collaboration with the client, we developed a plan to utilize the small, former offices as two individual virtual studios. We outfitted the space with the latest in virtual fitness technology to provide one-on-one coaching and classes for the residents. One room was outfitted with a virtual coaching mirror that allows the user to watch a trainer on-screen while seeing their own reflection to ensure proper form. The second studio was outfitted with Virtual training bikes that provide in-class group cycling experiences, as well as outdoor rides, instructor-led rides, and Google mapped rides where the bike adjusts resistance and incline to match the terrain.


Two attractive private fitness studios

The client originally had two small, seemingly unusable, spaces that were converted into highly utilized virtual training studios. These studios now provide a wow factor in the room and more training options for the residents within a limited space. The client reports that the two studios are constantly used and are a huge draw for their residents.