Kennesaw State University


Lack of space and cohesive branding

Kennesaw State University had recently undergone a merger with Southern Polytechnic State University which yielded a second campus in Marietta, GA. The student recreation facilities lagged the main Kennesaw campus in free-weight selection and size of the facilities. Also, due to the prior identity and branding, the Marietta campus did not have an integrated feel or aesthetic with the Kennesaw campus.

Designed a custom free weight rig


We worked directly with the Director of the Student Recreation program to design a custom free-weight rig that addressed the lack of lifting stations. A conjoined rig design was selected to maximize utility of the limited space and allow several students to use the rig simultaneously. The size and configuration of the rig allowed us to incorporate the school logo, colors, and custom Student Recreation branding.


An eye-catching free-weight area that is safer for students

The freeweight area is now a major draw at the Marietta Campus’ Student Recreation facilities. The rig design successfully integrated the school branding into the new campus while offering a versatile and effective training tool for the students. The built-in storage and shear number of stations also assisted with creating a safer and more open training space.